ACBC History

As with most things that have roots, the Amputee Coalition of BC has some and a little overlapping and  intersecting – little twists and turns. 

Its first incarnation came about as a result of the 1976 Olympiad For The Disabled in Ontario. This event created the Canadian Amputee Sports Association (CASA). Several keen volunteers rounded up more volunteers and poof: out popped a National Association with provincial chapters. At least, that’s what happened in BC. 

Madeleine Anderson was approached by John Gibson at the Canadian National Ski meet in Banff the following spring and asked if she would be the representative for BC. Although John was convincing, it took considerable time for the BC group to get officially organized and registered. This was primarily due to the fact that Madeleine moved to Alberta for 5 years. 

In 1982, along with some new volunteers, the BC Division of CASA was formed. Over the years that CASA-BC was operating, many of our members felt that our association needed to be more inclusive. After all, not all amputees want to or can play sports or even want to be involved with sports. 

Then early in 2008 a few of the amputees who sometimes gather at the support group hosted by and at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver began to have some discussions. These and other ideas and individual contributions all arrived at the same conclusion: that amputees, especially recent ones, are not being well served. Many are "falling through the cracks" by not having information and support that would be most helpful in their times of need. We also felt the families, spouses, and parents needed some assistance too. 

Upon thinking of various routes to achieve this goal, and to be inclusive, we came up with the name Amputee Coalition of BC. By this time, the Canadian Amputee Sports Association – BC Division (already a registered society in BC) was all but non-existent. 

Our new, more inclusive name and focus, took root. A few of us formed the first board, and changed the name officially to ACBC.


  • Reach out to fellow amputees and provide a venue that provides relevant information and inspiration related to amputees
  • Partner with like-minded organizations to enact positive change to policies affecting benefits and medical care for amputees in BC